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The Not Yet podcast is all about growing up - and the relationships that help you get you there.



How does a military household address gender, sexuality and death? A parent/child duo explore their journeys with intimacy and family obligation. Meet Rob & April in this episode of the Not Yet podcast.


How vulnerable do you allow yourself to be in your romance? This queer, intergenerational, interracial couple navigates capitalism, societal expectation, and couples therapy. Meet Beth & Micah in this episode of the Not Yet podcast.


Can immigration cause a culture gap in your own family? These cousins grew up on different sides of the world - Ghana and the US. Where do they clash on subjects like LGBTQ rights, work ethic, family and respect? Meet Angela & Delanyo in this episode of the Not Yet podcast.



How do you see your younger sibling as an adult? These Haitian-American sisters with a decade-long age gap are now roommates. Next, they’re reassessing their long-held relationship power dynamic. Meet Rebecca & Valentine in this episode of the Not Yet podcast.


Explore the dynamics, challenges, and milestones of intimate relationships with host and media artist, Paige Polk. This storytelling interview series is guaranteed to spark some revelations of your own.

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